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Dominate the web Best ways to earn Backlinks

Dominate the web Best ways to earn Backlinks
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Dominate the web:  ‘Best ways to earn Backlinks’

Best ways to earn Backlinks

Best ways to earn Backlinks

Backlinks are sites that provide a link back to your site. It for most search engines it is supreme ranking factor. It is also important to get organic traffic because this type of traffic s related to quality of backlinks that your website gets. You have better ranking if more authoritative websites link you. However, we know it can be hard to get backlinks just through one method. Also, it is hard to find best ways to earn backlinks all together at one place. So, we here have all the secrets about the best ways to earn backlinks you. So, without any further ado, here are the best 30 best ways to earn backlinks.

  • The broken-link building method

This technique is ideal to make a one way backlinks. All you have to do it contact a webmaster to report her/him about a broken link on their site. Taking an opportunity you suggest another website to replace that broken link. Then you mention your own site as well. Since, by reporting the broken link you are doing the webmaster a favor the chances of getting a backlink back to your own sight are very high. Now, to use this method you need to find websites who have resource pages. There is an easy method through which you can find them using Google. There are they ways you can search the relevant sites:

  • Keyword+links
  • Keywords+resources
  • Keywords inurl:links

One thing to keep in mind when contacting the webmaster is to have a friendly approach and introducing yourself. First you tell the webmaster that their site is linking a resource that is no longer available. Remember to give the webmaster an exact location of the broken link so they can easily find it. Then you provide some alternative links including your own to replace the broken link. You should try to come across as a person who is just trying to be helpful and not greedy for a backlink. This method is not a 100% guarantee, sometimes the webmaster just refuses to link the baklink to your site. This indeed is one of the best ways to earn backlinks

  • Find Outdated Resources

Another method to from our ‘Best ways to earn Backlinks’ list is through finding outdated resources. One of the first things you need to do is find websites relevant to your industry that:

  • Are shut down
  • Have stopped updating their resource
  • Do not offer a service anymore
  • They moved to a new URL
  • Have changed its name


  • Target industry that re-branded or changed names

Here is another one of the best ways to earn backlinks. You must keep an eye out for the sites relevant to your industry that have re-branded or changed their names. You can use Google news to search for companies who have re-branded just do a quick search as ‘re-brands as’. It can be also helpful to use a press release portal because many companies announce their re-branding on press release portals. When you find a site that has re-branded or changed their name you then find the links that point to that page. What you need to do is just get the URL of the outdated resource and you put I into a backlink checking tool (you can use any). After doing the research now is the time to reach out to the site which has linked back to an outdated source. You give them a heads up and very humbly suggest them that they could link back to your site.

  • Use search strings to find site features that no longer exist

Sometimes for various reasons a business shutdowns a feature on their website. Some of these are very popular. Being popular can mean they have gathered a lot of backlinks from many authority sites. However, instead of deleting the page that hosts the service, many businesses just set a ‘service no longer available’ page. There are several string searches that you can use:

  • ‘page no longer exists’
  • ‘website closed’
  • ‘page no longer exist’
  • ‘service no longer available’
  • ‘service not available’
  • ‘no longer available’
  • ‘this website is no longer updated’
  • ‘this page is no longer updated’

After finding these outdated sources you just simply contact the site as mentioned above and give them a head up about using these bank links. You gently plug in your site and hope for the best. This is another one of the Best ways to earn Backlinks

  • Find Unlinked Mentions

Use an online tool to find any mentions of your brand by other sites. If you find a mention and they have already linked back to your site then you are golden. However if they have not linked you back then you reach out to them and get your backlink. You must remember to start the message with a thank you note for mentioning your site. Show them how much you appreciate them. Then tell them your purpose of emailing and tell them that if people who read could directly find your link it would make it easier for them. Then thank them again for the shout out.

  • Industry newsletters and forums

    Best ways to earn Backlinks

    Best ways to earn Backlinks

Industry newsletters and forums can be a good source to get backlinks for your site. They are a good resource link because they share similar audience as you and therefore can send visitors that you target to your site. There are a few tips which you can follow to make search of industry newsletters and forums easy.

  • One very simple tip is to search ‘name of your site’ along with word ‘newsletter’ or if searching forum you ass ‘industry name forums’ on Google. You just simply copy the links and make a list.
  • You can also search newsletters which are connected to your industry on twitter using the same method as mentioned for Google.
  • With the help of newsletters you can locate the page that allows their readers to earn mentions whether through commenting on blogs, contributing content etc. you need to add these pages to your list.
  • Search the forums for relevant questions and answer them if you can. You need to find areas in which you can contribute your expertise, your company’s products and services. The thing with forums is that the more you contribute on forums the more chances you have of people and potential customers to notice you.

After making this extensive list comes the hard part of getting the backlinks. Now let’s look at the tips which can help:

  • After getting the newsletters links you need to identify what type of content each of them offer. You find out about what kind of content people from your industry share on these sites and this is what you want to promote on your own site. Then you contact the editor content manager of that newsletter and you humbly offer to share your own content.
  • You can become a contributor to the newsletters or blogs that work for your industry.
  • You can also take a direct approach of submitting your content to newsletters, forums and community sites and you can ask them to mention your work along with a link to your site.
  • Link to relevant sites

One of the simpler ways of getting backlinks is through relevant sites. This method may only work with a low percentage nonetheless it gets you out there in the public eye. Linking your site to other relevant sites may sound like a wild idea but it can build links. For example if you have written a post which mentions ‘top 5 best companies for something’ and you have linked all those sites. Then what you need to do it you go to all these websites and grab a contacting email address. Then you send an email to those websites. You praise those sites for their work and tell that you have mentioned them in your post. Then you humbly request them to check out the post and tweet it out if they like it. This way you can get more visitors and audience to your site.

  • Round-up posts

Round up post is a way which if works can do wonders. To create a round up post all you need to do it find for experts in your field. Make a list of all these experts and make sure your list has at least more than 50 people in it.  These posts don’t work if you have a short list of expert names.

What you need to do next is just ask one question to all these experts. Remember to only ask one question if you ask more than 1 the chances of getting a reply gets lower. When you send an email to them you need to make sure that you give them a deadline to reply. For safe side you should email double the amount of expert you actually need because there are many chances that some of them would not respond. After you have gathered responses you email these experts when your post is done. You email them and thank them for participating. You link your post in the email and mention them to give a shout out to you over twitter or to share your post. Through these posts you are sure to get many visitors and audience among which some may backlink you. This is another method that is one of the Best ways to earn Backlinks.

  • Digital Public Relations

Digital Public Relations is a strategy used by many companies online to increase their presences on the online platform. This is also very useful in getting quality backlinks. If a famous blog or news site backlinks your site this will drive their heavy traffic in your direction. If your company wants to make a big announcement and you want it to get picked up by the media publications and news feed then what you need is to use an online wire service.

Using online wire services can help you get backlinks as well. You want your new news to be easily found by bloggers, news sites and forums as they try to gather up information.

  • The Skyscraper method

The skyscraper is a very simple 3 step technique designed to help you get backlinks. The term means you get high quality backlinks and several shares on media just by recreating an exceptional content.

  • The first step: this very first step requires you to search for link worthy content. The type of content that has been doing really well and attracts thousands of visitors every day. If you focus on these viral contents you may get golden outcome. What you have to do it very simple to have to search content related to your own blog post. You enter the keywords that you already know. You will get results of the content that has been able to get many shares on your industry. For this purpose you can use many sites like Google and twitter. You must create a list of several top performing content ideas in your industry.
  • The second step: now all you need to do is use your magnificent skills and create a great post with epic content. You need to blow away your reader that is the only way to get the skyscraper to work. So now some tips for you to create a piece of art like content. All you need to do it make your post exceptionally detailed. You do that by reading all the top posts in your list and see what each is missing. Include everything that makes sense to be in the blog.

Another key to make the article epic is to add visuals which can enhance what your words say. The posts which have more visuals get more shares. Make sure to include content researched from most authoritative backed up places.

  • The third step: after creating an epic article it is time to reach out to the right people. What you do is search article that have been shared the most using the keywords of your article. Create the list of all the rig people you want to contact. Next you need to write an email which is so on point that it gets open and responded immediately. Getting a response back from the busiest and famous bloggers is not easy.

Here are few tips for you to create the perfect email:

  • Have a perfect subject line.
  • The email must be short and on point.
  • Be sure to share their stuff and out them out before you ask for help.
  • Use their name and never send them automated emails.
  • Do follow up. Don’t expect to just send one email and get a reply instantly. If they don’t respond to your first email it is a good idea to follow up with another email. But be sure to send a follow up email after 5 or 6 days.
  • Find Competitors’ Backlinks

Another way of getting backlinks is to see what the competitors have in their bag. What you need is to analyze competitor’s backlinks. This can create an ideal foundation for the link profile that you want for your site. There are a few steps that you need to do before who have the jackpot.

·         Step 1– get top 10 results: first things first, you need to get top 10 results for the keyword that you want to rank for. All you need to do is a Google search and note down each of the URL. Then you run these URL’s in a backlink checker.

·         Step 2-checl competitor’s backlinks: to find the backlinks of your competitors you need to use backlink checkers. There are many checkers out there to choose from. We need a backlink checker that can give us a complete overview of the URL’s backlink profile. Ahrefs is one of the best backlinks checker and is most widely used. Their free account gives you a lot backlinks based data however you are only able to see the top ten items of the research. All you need to do it open Ahrefs site signup for free account. Go to backlinks>external, hen again backlinks>new/lost to export as many links as you can with your free account. With the paid account you are free to export all the items.

·         Step 3-create a master list of competitor backlinks: after you have collected many backlinks as possible. We make a list of all the links.

·         Step 4– backlinks analysis: this analysis can be run using a tool. You are free to use any tool however SEO spyglass is one of the most competent backlink analysis tool. You just have to paste the list of all the URL’s and it will retrieve all the backlinks for each URL. If you have backlinks from other tools you can import those to SEO spyglass as well. This tool is great competitor analysis and it doubles the great link finder as well.

  • Step 5- Replicating Competitor Backlinks: after completing all of the steps above, it is time to go through each link. Open each link in your browser and find out how your competitor got the backlink. It can be a blog comment, so what you do is you post your own comment. If it is a forum post then you get registered and get involved in the discussion. It is a guest post then you email the site to submit your own guest post.

·         Step 6– Create the golden links database: as you go through each link, make sure that you are keeping a track of everything and noting down what is already replicated and submitted.

  • Press Release

A press release can be a statement or a video which is communicated directly with members of media for the purpose of announcing something that is news worthy. Typically these announcements are emailed to the editors and journalists of newspapers, magazines and other media outlets. If these press releases are done properly it can get you many quality backlinks because the press sites provide content to many smaller sites. You have to make sure to link your site in the body of your content.

  • Document Sharing Sites

Document sharing sites have become huge with passing time and they are known to have inbound links. These sites have high page rank and more than often their rank is very well in the search engines for keyword phrases. It is beneficial to upload articles to these document sharing sites (leaving a backlink o your site) and get high ranks in search engines. Let’s see what pros are there to sharing on these sites:

  • If you post your document in multiple document sharing sites you will get more traffic and views.
  • You have a chance of getting indexed in Google very quickly.
  • Commenting

There are many people believe commenting on blogs cannot get you backlinks. This is a wrong perception. This method works 100% if you actually comment something valuable. It is also important to keep in mind that if you write a no-follow comment I will be useless if you are thinking of building backlinks. Hence you must leave valuable do-follow comments.

  • Give Testimonials

Another easy method of getting backlinks is to write testimonials for different websites that you use. You will be spending only few minutes and in return you can get a link from the homepage of an authoritative website. Especially if you are a consumer of that product then there is high chance that you will get a link in exchange for a testimonial. The best way to use testimonial is to list all the products that you are currently using and you can reach out to the site for the possibility of featuring your testimonial on a that website. All websites whether small or big love the idea of showcasing their customer’s testimonials. If you use any product or service that you love using then you must consider them sending a testimonial. If you do decide to go for it make sure to tell them that I they want they can put it on their homepage or a testimonial page if they have one. Also, just to show other audience that you are a real person the website may put a link to your site without even having to ask.

  • Blogger Reviews

If you have software, special service, any product information or anything that is of value, you can use them to get a lot of backlinks. You may be wondering how? The answer is simple; offer it to bloggers for free. Here is what you need to do:

  • First you need to find bloggers who are interested in what you are offering. For example if you sell an information product that teaches how to make your own organic perfume, you will be searching Google for things like ‘organic perfume making’ or ‘make organic perfume at home’.
  • Your results will a mixer of fashion bloggers, mommy bloggers sites like ehow or hippie bloggers. All you need to do it filter out the major authority sites from and new sites. You will have a strong list of bloggers that might be interested in your offer.
  • Now all you need to do is reach out to the sites. Here is an example of how to professionally reach out to bloggers.

Hey (site owner name),

I was searching for some homemade organic perfume recipes today when I came across (their site name).

Remarkable stuff!

Actually, I have recently launched a guide that teaches people how to make organic perfumes at home. I typically charge $X, but I would be more than happy to send it over to you. All I would ask from you is that if you would consider mentioning it on your blog or writing a review about it.

Let me know how that sounds.


Your name

One of the most important things you have to keep in mind is that you have got to be very careful about the kind language you use for this strategy. You have to Note how there is no mention of a link or review because it will be violating Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. You just have to send them the product and let them decide for themselves if it’s worth a mention on their blog.

  • Link Roundups

Round up links are blog posts which give links to best content that exist in your industry. All you need to do it find quality roundups in you industry. You can use the following strings for search:

  • Keyword + link roundup
  • Keyword + roundup
  • Best of + keyword
  • Keyword + this week

Once you have found the blogs that you will like to target for backlinks all you have got to do is send them your content. Below is am example script when pitching your content:

Hi (their name)

I have noticed that you like to make compilation of articles about (topic). I just wanted to send you some of my recent work. I hope you like it.

(Link your article)


(Your name)

After pitching comes the wait for their response. However with quality content work is sure to get backlinks from roundup blogs.

  • Backlinks through info-graphics

One of the most popular methods used to bring backlinks is info-graphics. Info-graphics are great because they are easy to comprehend and share. The demand for info-graphics has increased because everyone loves graphics. When you decide to use info-graphics it is important that you display a unique and interesting story. Before you select the graphics you should search about the latest trends and what people are interested in. to get started you need to find someone to make your content.

There is a misconception that it costs a lot to make info-graphics which is not true. The average price lies between 50 to 300 dollars. For five backlinks you would be paying 30 per link. That’s cheap for the backlinks you will earn through webmaster moderation and if it goes viral you will be earning big number of backlinks. To contact designers to make info-graphics less expensive you can try Fiverr. It is a great place to find amazing designers who are willing to create inexpensive info-graphics. Once info-graphic is done and up on your website then you need to distribute it. There are many directories where you can submit your info-graphics. You can also outreach people through email who have linked info-graphics like these in the past. You can ask for a feedback but never ask for a backlink directly.

  • Guest articles

Guest article is a great way to reach new audiences. If you publish you content on other different popular sites your content will reach a vast majority of new readers and you get more exposure. If you have doubts about guest articles then remember even Google analytics blog accepts quest contributors. There are many ways for you to find website who accept guest articles. Yu can use Google search queries to find blogs who accept guest contributors:

  • keyword + guest-posts
  • keyword + become a contributor
  • keyword + bloggers wanted
  • keyword + submit an article
  • keyword + submit an article
  • keyword + contribute
  • keyword + now accepting guest posts

You need to find influencers publishing guest posts on a regular basis and you should try to contribute on the same sites as they have had in the past. You can also use twitter or other social media forums to find guest article opportunities. If you want to get some serious attention keep in mind to give a link of your social media profiles. So if people enjoy your post they can easily follow you.

  • Build internal links

A key factor to having a successful blog is building internal links. These links pass link juice and you can use anchor texts. Good internal link structures provide you audience an easy navigation system through your site and add value to their overall user experience. It works in simple way you have written an article and are giving link to another article on your site.

  • Promote your content

Even if you write great content you won’t get backlinks that easily until you promote your work. You have got t expose your work and get it out in the world. You can do outreach through emails to promote your best work one of the best way is to contact bloggers and websites who run weekly or monthly roundups. You can use Google search queries like ‘keyword + roundup’. Make sure that you choose the option to see the results from past week or month only. Then you got to contact the webmasters so you can give them a quick introducing about your website. Yu can send a message with a link to one of your best work. If they find it resourceful hey will link you back in their next round up. These types of bloggers are looking for great work constantly.

  • Donate

Another easy way of earning backlinks is through donating t non-profit organizations. This is very straight forward methods which is very quick. All you have to do is find websites in your industry who accept donations and who link the sites of their donors. You just have to submit an amount that you want to donate and write the URL of your website. You may need to do few searches on Google to find these kinds of organizations. We have some queries which can help you search:

  • Contribute page + keyword
  • Donation + contributors + keyword
  • Contributors page + donate + keyword
  • Get interviewed

Online interview is a trend that has become famous over the period f time. It is one of those things that are in right now. It is also one easy way to get backlinks to your websites once you have reached the status of authority in your industry you will be getting a lot of interview requests. However until then you can get started by taking a first step. You can look for the websites who are running new interviews constantly and you can inform them that you would be interested in participating and about what kind of knowledge you will be contributing. You need to have context rich titles and you can add similar to this article or more on that plug-ins.

  • Get Backlinks Using Guesto-graphics

Guesto-graphic method is all about adding value to your work. This is a link building technique which uses info-graphic differently. Publishing an info-graphic and then begging people to share it is the old info-graphic way. With Guesto-graphic you entice people to publish your work on their site with a little bribe.

The Guesto-graphic is very easy with five simple steps.

Step 1- Post an info-graphic on your site: you need to spend if you want an epic piece of info-graphic. This design is really important for you so do the best that you can. You have got to have a topic that is relevant and is trending. You need to have topic that attract audience’s attention the most and then put a twist of your own.

Step 2- Find sites that write about your info-graphic’s topic: now you need to focus on finding the target links. To find these targets you use the master Google and search you keyword.

Step 3 Show them your info-graphic: after finding a site that looks like a promising target you send them an email. You need a script that is personalized with their and their site’s name. Don’t use a lot of words. Don’t just beg simply ask if they would like to see your info-graphics.

Step 4 Offer them unique content: this step is the most interesting and different from usual info-graphics. It is important to remember that while writing an email you need to add value to this person’s site. Yu cannot beg. With this method you offer them a free ‘mini guest post’ with your info-graphic. You are giving them three times the value.

  • Giving them cool info-graphics which interests them
  • Giving them permission to share the content with their audience for free
  • You are not only info-graphic but free content that goes along with it

Step 5- Get your contextual backlinks: the best thing about this method is that you are getting backlinks which are surrounded by relevant content and it is not an embed link which gets buried at the bottom of a page. It is important to remember a contextual link holds much more power than embed link.

  • Article Marketing

Article marketing is one of the best strategies to get backlinks to your own site. Here are a few things to consider when you are trying to get backlinks through article marketing. It is not as god as guest posting and it is important to know that you only do article marketing on relevant sires. For example if you are a SEO company then you need o post content on a article directory which only targets SEO industry. Make sure to use effective anchor text when you are ring to promote your website through article directory. Your content can become useless quickly if you do not use the right anchor text. Another important thing to remember is that you only use reputable and directories of best quality. Those directories that have are established well and have authority in search engines. Also make sure to use do-follow directories.

  • Network crazily

Skills like networking always pay at some point in time. You have o be in active virtual circle, this can increase your views and make them more valuable to authors and commentators. Comments can increase your visibility on the network and then you can easily ask other authors to give you permission to share your site through comments which are relevant. This way you can get good inflow of viewers to your site.

  • Social Networking Site Profile

Social media platform can be a great backlinking place for authors. If you have a big number of followers on Twitter, Instagram or Facbook you can get more followers if you do daily visits and calculate the impact of sharing your blogs on social networking sites. This method is much underutilized but is great to get backlinks to your website. Most of the social networking sites and social book marking have high rank pages. This rank flows to your account. You can get a lot of backlinks if you use these social bookmarking and social networking sites. Most of these social networking sites allow you to add you site links in your bio. You must definitely add you site links to your profile it can be a very effective method to get free links.

  • Yahoo answers can be your answer

You must wonder why so many people bother with answering yahoo questions s frequently. They may be doing it for helping purposes. However we should keep in mind that these kinds of platforms are untapped that allow a bloggers to increase their viewership. You just have to answer relevant questions on yahoo and can refer any of your relevant posts that can benefit the reader and in return you.

  • Get .Edu Backlinks from Resource Pages

Domains which are .edu have significantly more value than other common .com links. These domains are trusted by Google because they are usually used by universities, colleges and other educational institutions. However, to get backlinks from .edu domain is not easy but even if you get few of them it can strengthen your rankings. Most universities and educational institutions have a resources page which links other content from the web which can be helpful for their students. There are a few ways to get advantage from these resource pages.

  • Most of the resource pages of institutions remain un-updated for long time. This can give you a chance to find any outdated or broken links. You can then reach out to the webmasters to alert them about outdated links and you can suggest them to link the source to your site.
  • If you do not find any outdated or broken links on the page you can still get advantage from these pages. You can reach out to these universities website and you can show them your high quality piece of content which can be very useful for the students.

If you want to increase your chances of acceptance then make sure that your content is updated and detailed. It should be in great depth and backed by researches.

  • Link Reclamation

While we have talked about many different easy or difficult ways of getting backlinks at last we will look at the most easiest way o get backlinks which probably skipped your mind. All you have to do is find the links that have mentioned your brand or product but haven’t linked back to your site. You simple just reach out to that person to give them a friendly reminder to add the link to your site. This is the simplest method and it most definitely works. There are tools that can help you find your unlinked work. One tool that is widely used is Buzzsumo. This tool can help you find unlinked mentions of your product. You can also setup an alert for your domain so that whenever someone is mentioning your brand you can get an alert.

Do not leave footprints

      It is important to remember that you don’t leave footprints when you build backlinks. All the links should look natural. Even if you do a guest pot you should change your author bio and use a pen name. Also don’t use the same description about your website on the web. Make sure that you links have a natural and untraceable look.

Dominate the web Best ways to earn Backlinks
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