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How to make a creative viral video -
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How to make a creative viral video

How to make a creative viral video
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Content is the key to popularity and success but only when the content is great enough to standout from the crowd. Many make a creative viral video and stand out. However, One rule to keep in mind while making content is that it should be authentic, engaging and something new. Along with high quality the practical value of content is another thing that raises the bar high for content creators. If you want to win the popular vote you need your content to be different from the rest. We are here to help to raise the bar of your content on social media through some creative ideas. These suggestion will help your questions about ‘How to make a creative viral video?’

Thought provoking and emotionally enticing:

It is really important to grab your audiences’ psychological and emotional attentions. It can be done if your content provokes thoughts and emotions. It has to be inspiring. You need a good brainstorming session to create something that brings all three of features. Disney’s share your ears campaign for make a wish foundation was one of the best campaigns of 2016. This campaign is the perfect example of what we said earlier. Disney promotes the charity with full transparency all over the social media. The campaigns only hashtag ‘ShareYourEars’ was set up in honor of the campaign. People just had to get their Minnie or Mickey ears, take a picture of them wearing the ears and post it on social media in order to donate.  This simple campaign captured everyone’s emotions because who doesn’t love children theme park and children. It inspired people to donate more and it certainly provoked thoughts regarding sick children and their care. This campaign helped raise a big amount of charity for the foundation and brought customer engagement for Disney.
There are eight primary emotions which if included in your content can make it a hit. The right primary emotions are joy, trust, fear, surprise, sadness, anticipation, anger and disgust. Psychologist Robert Plutchik is known for giving wheel of emotions which contained these 8 primary emotions. Integration of these emotions can help you create powerful stuff.

Gripping visuals:

When we say gripping visuals we mean the visual has o capture every eye that falls on it. The social media is full of visuals however if you want to know where the museum of visual is, it is on Pinterst and Instagram.  For many years a lot of brands have earned their market place by posts awesome and inspiring visuals. Such brand example would be of national geographic. These visuals are delivered so gorgeously that they don’t need to be interactive to inspire people. They get their status through the powerful art. Most posts that go viral have content that is relatable, easy to read and visually charming. If you are able to bring these things into your content you are very close to getting a viral hit. Image is a very powerful tool and its format is ideal for viral posts as it enhances the share-ability of the posts. Stunning imagery is naturally shareable but the photos do not need to be of beautiful things. It is what the image portrays hat captures an audience. The image below does have the beauty but it also thought provoking about global warming.

Incorporate User Generated Content (UGC):

UGC is one of the most popular marketing techniques used in recent years. Any type of content whether blogging,  discussion forums, tweets, podcasting, videos, audio files, advertisements or any other kind of media that was produced by users of an online system which is made accessible to audience via social media websites is called User Generated Content. As user generated content highly relies on the audience of your content. The technique is powerful enough to make your audience feel like they are part of the campaign. The biggest part of making viral content is letting users get engaged. This technique not only lets the audience engage by just sharing but allows them to be interactive. Your audience not only tweets a link of your work but users combine their work with yours and promote both at same time. Once every follower sees the content they will naturally want to participate as well. As more people begin to share user generated content, the campaign will get bigger. Try to place the power in the hands of your viewers. If you share links to a blog post on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and any other social media site, the site will get an image from your post to include. Making that image a featured image for your blog post.

One of the best examples of UGC done by a company is lays. The company started a campaign which wanted the consumers or the lays fans to vote and in return offered a trip to summer Olympics. That’s what we are talking about! The lays packets were rebranded as ‘passport to flavor’. The campaign was a hit. It communicated with audience, engaged with them and opened the doors for communication with the audience.

Try Catchy Titles and Powerful Introductions

Most of the People know quite quickly if they want to read an article or not after reading the title. If their interest surpasses the title, then it is time to hook them with a powerful introduction. Master this art and you can get your content to certainly stand out. Titles are a gateway to your story; you get one opportunity to capture you audience’s curiosity and through titles convince them to stay. We know that I much pressure on the titles. Sometimes titles or headlines are enough to make a smashing story or an absolute fail story regardless to your content.

You need three things to capture your reader’s attention with your titles which are:

– stating a clear and concise purpose of your article

– Use fascinating adjectives

– Communicate the worth and simplicity your story

Basically, you need to tell your audience straightforward about what they’ll get out of the story leaving very little effort on their part. (For example,  a heading ‘one smart habit to lose weight’ tells readers that they could lose the dreaded weight with just one habit. The title has Tons of value and is simple.)

Create Buzz to make a creative viral video

Controversies quickly engage people although it bears a good amount of risk. Mostly controversial posts can be disruptive. Nonetheless, most people repeatedly share a post just to be part of a group supporting a particular view and to show their devotion. For Example: not many will like to accept but so many had a look at the Facebook posts of Donald Trump and cleaned themselves out of the most engagement post using our Facebook Analyzer tool. Donald Trump appears popularly troublesome, but he has been able to engage a certain group of people with similar views through his posts. If you find your group who shares similar views, then can easily help you go viral.

How to make a creative viral video
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