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15 Best Free Fonts

We want to help you in selecting the best suitable typeface for your awesome next project.Having the best typeface means transforming your design in the best way. We have collected all types of typefaces from sparse to swirling. These awesome fonts can help you make a rich typography toolkit which will enrich all your future projects. The best part is you don’t even have to spend a penny.
These 15 Best Free Fonts are applicable to any type of web or graphic designs, prints, flyers and motion graphics etc. These fonts are also best for t-shirts, posters, logos and much more. We are certainly not here to dictate where it should be used, we are here to help you find the best stuff. So, enjoy these 15 Best Free Fonts and make your next project awesome.

 1. Oranienbaum Best Free Fonts 

Best Free FontsThis is the first out of 15 Best Free Fonts. Use this classic Oranienbaum font to give your design an elegant look. This design is described as ‘modern Antique’ (a group of classic ‘old style’ typefaces). This free typeface is awesome. It has been based on classics, this is one of the pronounced serifs and with this you can make great headlines.

2. Wildera

Best Free Fonts

Make your project super stylish wit this handwritten typeface. This design is kind of feminine with a bite. It is suitable for a sweet or sarcastic design. The font has stylized lowercase, uppercase and ligatures.

3. Arkhip

Best Free FontsArkhip is a stunning font idea for headlines. This is a bold font with all caps and with a Russian soul. Use this font and add a bold character to your headlines. You can also make you posters and flyers bold using this font. This font is available in both Latin and Cyrillic. The best part is that it is absolutely free to use.

4. Westfalia

Best Free Fonts

This classy font has an authentic hand drawn vibe with its varied lines and messy edges. This is a perfect design work for your outdoors projects. Use this beautiful design for free.

5. Azedo

Best Free Fonts

This gorgeous typeface is called Azedo. This font will make your project elegant and captivating. The font has simple and clean look which is always great for professional work.

6. Canyons Vintage Script

Best Free Fonts

Get this vintage beauty which is professionally crafted to enhance the quality of your next project. Download now for free and make your designer toolbox more wonderful with this addition.

7. Bohema

Best Free FontsThis cool font is called Bohema. It is an Art Deco font with a modern twist. It represents a great retro design. This type of font is ideal for headlines, editorial letters, branding, merchandising and any other special occasion. This magnificent design is available in eight different styles. You may need to pay for the whole set but you can download the regular alternative style demo for free.

8. Little Brushy Font

Best Free Fonts

This cool and stylish design is known as the Little Brushy. This is a new hand-lettered font. Use this to make your headlines look tremendously nice and friendly. You can add an authentic hand-crafted touch to your own work with our this freebie. This font has all essential symbols and it is in OTF format. We are grateful that we can provide you with this fantastic freebie.

9. KanKin

Best Free FontsThis font is a KanKin contemporary sans serif. The design of this contemporary yet ‘old style’ is perfect for posters, logos, print and web. It is undoubtedly a clean and bold look. The Russian characters look extremely good in this set. Use this set and enhance the quality of your next project.

10. Octanis

Best Free Fonts

This Octanis font is a perfect typeface for headlines along with logos, typographic compositions or even just paragraphs of text. Download this free font which includes Octanis Sans, soft Octanis, Octanis Serif ,Sans Rounded and Vintage Octanis Slab for your awesome design projects.

11. Klasik Sans

Best Free Fonts

This stylish font consists of Klasik regular, rough and shadow. You can use any of the 3 different styles that come with this font. You can choose the style that is best suitable for you own project design.

12. Wild Youth

Best Free Fonts

This Wild Youth font is very modern with the specific influence of adventure and the great outdoors. This font is Perfect for logos, quotes, stationary, apparel etc.

13. Locksmith

Best Free FontsDownload this gorgeous font for free. This font is perfect for print, web, motion graphics , video editing , animation and 3D modelling etc. Enhance the quality and looks of you next awesome project by using this font.


14. Mixa

Best Free Fonts

This is a Neo-grotesque Sans Serif. It is a mixture of classical handwritten Script in slanted geometric shapes. Download this font for free and make your project fantastic.

15. SF Kingston

Best Free Fonts

SF Kingston Pro font is a contemporary Serif. This amazing free font has 6 weights (Extra Light, Light, Regular, Medium, Bold, Black). It also has extended Latin character set of 80+ languages. This beautiful font is a mixture of separate grid systems, along with geometric shapes and with more fluid characteristics. This font is perfect blend of circular and triangular components.

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