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Best Way to Make Money With Fiverr Gig

Fiverr #1 marketplace to sell your services for $5. I’ll Share the secret so you can Make Money With Fiverr Gig. You can make $1 Milliona year with Fiverr GigsThis post will enlist the Fiverr Gig Creation Process, how to do Fiverr gig Promotion and how to get Free Resources to Start Selling.

There are almost 12+ categories and about 50+ sub-categories. Main services are Graphics & Design, Digital Marketing, Writing & Translation, Video & Animation, Music & Audio, Programming & Tech, Advertising, Business, Life Style, Gifts and Fun.

No matter if you have any skill or not you can still work on fiverr. You can check fiverr gigs as people’s with zero skills are working on it. Even you can do advertisements like holding the company sign board, taking pictures or sharing content on social media.

You can sign-up on Fiverr for free and can easily sell your services but you will need to know some tricks and tips to increase you gig rank and to make more.

Here I’ll give you everything step by step, you will need to know to start your carrier.

Also I am sharing a great resource of $100’s for FREE so you can get a start easily 🙂

What You Will Learn?

  • What is Fiverr
  • Fiverr Gig Creation Process
  • Tips and Tricks of getting ranked #1
  • Fiverr gig Promotion
  • Free Resources to Start Selling


So if you are ready to start making money on Fiverr, Then follow the steps below.

What Is Fiverr?

Fiverr is the best marketplace for services starting at just $5. Lots of people buy and sell services everyday through Fiverr and grow their business and earning.

These offered services are called “GIGS” on Fiverr. You can find almost anything you need. People from all over the world visit the site to offer their services and expertise. But before purchasing any gig make sure to read the previous review and if you are going to work on it, Don’t spam because good rating and feedback is also very important.

$100000 Make Money with Fiverr Gig

Yes, this is true you can also make that much if you are experienced with any kind of services that people’s mostly needed. Like logo designs, website fixes, article writing, SEO and much more. All you have to do is do what you can do and do it perfectly so clients would love to get back to you.

Gig Sample Work:

Fiverr Gig Sample

Fiverr Gig Sample

This a sample design of a gig, it’s simple and easy and this 1 design cost $5.

You can sell testimonial videos, photos, animation video, hand draw cartoons illustrations or a 300 words article. It’s fun too 🙂

Register On Fiverr

Step By Step Process For Fiverr Gig

I have explained each and everything is very simple steps and do it exactly so you don’t get any trouble.

Follow the steps below:

Step 1- Create a New Fiverr Gig

So let’s create your first Fiverr Gig. (I’ll guide for video testimonial gig, you can use your service details)

Keep the title easy, simple, short and to the point – “I will do professional 30sec video testimonial”

Make Money With Fiverr Gigs step (1)

Make Money With Fiverr Gigs step (1)

Browse Fiverr market and see what others are using and getting successes but don’t copy them 🙂 create your own creative ideas.

Select appropriate category related to your gig.

It’s time to explain a creative description about your gig and services. Make sure you provide each and every details about your gig.

Do not repeat a single work too many time, that is not acceptable in description so just make it simple and point to point, don’t worry you will still get ranked that’s my promise 🙂

Now it’s time to select the best keyword, like “video testimonial, product video review, short video testimonial.”

Note: only 3 tags are allowed so use perfect ones.

Step 2- Gig Rates and Time-frames

Always do tricks on fiverr gig. They have gig extras and take advantage of that. Like if your gig is $5 for 30sec video, add extra gig $10 for 1min video testimonial and so on and you can have a lot with that.

Make Money With Fiverr Gigs step (2)

Make Money With Fiverr Gigs step (2)

Step 3- Gig Requirements

You’re almost done, it’s time to ask your client what you will need to start.

Like in my sample gig i would ask these questions.

1- What is your company name

2- Company Info

3- Successful Projects done by company

4- Short Brief for testimonial

Make Money With Fiverr Gigs step (3)

Make Money With Fiverr Gigs step (3)

Step 4- Gig Image Presentation

If you search for similar gigs you will notice some of them have very creative images with some details about their gig and results that helps them to get more clients and attraction.

You can use Photoshop to add some text to your images or your can hire someone to do it for your that is the first impression from your gig so make it as best as possible.

Step 5- Publish

“So now what are you waiting for 🙂 hit Publish and you are good to go.”

Tips and Tricks of Getting Ranked #1

When you have done each and every step above and your gig is published, now you can move to get it ranked 1st for any keyword.

All fiverr needs to rank your gig is fast impact. So bring some impressions to your gig you can do this my texting other fiver users clients or can share your gig to social media and when your gig will start getting visitors it will rank your gig higher and higher.

There is 1 more step you have to do that is must.

Create a new fiverr account and purchase your gig about 2-3 times and after 24hrs leave positive review and rating and i can guarantee you will get orders and messages from clients like you have never think about.

After getting orders and money you have earned from gig spend some of it on your own gig like purchase any gig on fiverr to share your gig on social media sites that will bring huge traffic to your gig.

Final Words:

If you have never checked out Fiverr before you need to go there right now and CHECK IT OUT !  The premise of the site is very simple, regular people (like you and me) will sell products, services, themselves (in a manner of speaking) for $5 a pop.

Why do we care?  I’ll tell you why you should care.  Because you like money.  Period.  Confused?  Let’s make it crystal clear for you.

There are TONS of ways to make money using Fiverr.  Some people who build a business which they use as their full-time income off of Fiverr.

There are people who set take a few days to set up a method and pull in hundreds, or thousands, or tens of thousands of dollars a month using Fiverr.  And I’m going to tell you how they do it because I see them do it, and I do it myself.

Tips for finding the best Fiverr gigs

Here are a few little things you should know about finding the best gigs on Fiverr.

  • They aren’t all just $5
    Some of the more high quality items on Fiverr will charge you more by saying an item is worth multiple gigs. So if you find an amazing painter that takes 10 days to do some art it might cost you 10 gigs or $50.
  • Watch the ETA
    When you order a gig you’ll see that they have estimated times of delivery. Make sure you check that before you buy as you might get stuck without an image for a post or some other deadline.
  • Contact them first
    There is a contact button under the gig description for every item. Always contact the seller before you pay the money to make sure they are a good fit for your project.
  • Shop around
    Don’t just go with the first person that you find. Add a bunch of “maybes” to your favorite list and then work through and study the testimonials and work examples to come up with the best.
  • Leave feedback and answer messages
    Fiverr seems to reward responsiveness. If you plan on using it regularly make sure you reply to messages and leave feedback as quickly as possible. Puts you in good standing.
  • Don’t get fake things done
    One of the most popular categories on Fiverr at the moment is fake testimonials. This is where someone pretends to be your customer and reads out a raving review. Please don’t do this. It’s unethical and, in fact, illegal in some countries.
  • Be careful
    Don’t ever send money to anyone or give out personal contact details. It should go without saying but there is a reason sites like Fiverr ask you to do everything in a transparent and on-site way.

After a while you will get a sixth sense for spotting the better services. The best thing about it all is that if you buy a bad one you’ve only wasted $5.

Have you used Fiverr?

I’d be interested to know whether any of you have used Fiverr to get anything done or whether you find other sites to be more useful. Also if you have any suggestion or review please leave a comment and i would be happy to add some more details in this article.

Download Some Free Resources Here and Start Making Money With Fiverr Gig!

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