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6 Amazingly Smart Content Locker WordPress Plugins

Content Locker Plugins

The demand for Content Locker WordPress Plugins is getting higher among bloggers and website owners. It is a fantastic tool that can bring success to your WP site/blog.

These plugins allow you to hide some part of your content. And make them available only when your users support you with pre-set actions. They can even take your social traffic and your site’s ranking to the next level.

I have made a list of free Content Locker WordPress Plugin for all the designers out thereThe list also includes social locker WordPress plugin.

This is because Google is recommending social signals to rank sites in the SERPs. So it will be a good strategy to increase the social media visitors such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc.
Adding high-quality and informative content on a site will help you get a maximum number of social media visitors.  This will help you get a social share for your blog posts. In fact, there are many bloggers who use content locker plugin for their popular blogs. To increase user engagement on their site from both the search engines and social media platforms.
Fortunately, WordPress offers a ton of vigorous content locker plugins. That will allow you create professional looking and interactive websites in minutes. In this post, I bring you the list of seven top social content locker plugins that will improve your user engagement on social media platforms.

1. OnePress Social Locker

Content Locker WordPress Plugins

OnePress social locker is an amazing plugin for WordPress. It lets you boost your social media presence by asking people to Share or Tweet on Facebook to unlock your content.
The plugin locks the most valuable content of your site behind social media icons until a visitor shares or tweets your content. It can help you build followers, and encourage more traffic from social media websites.
You can use this plugin when you created some top quality of content or giving some product for free as your visitors will surely share your content on their personal profiles. So, try to offer them a pretty decent reason to share or tweet on your content.


2. Opt-in Content Locker for WordPress

Content Locker WordPress Plugins2
It’s a premium content locker plugin for WordPress that enables site owners to lock valuable content on their WP site and access it for subscribed users only.
It helps you increase your email subscription list, which in turn boosts your traffic and revenue of your site. You can put the widget anywhere in your site using shortcode and users will be able to open the entire content once if they subscribe to your email list. And then all the saved data will be displayed to them via CSV file.
To an addition, opt-in content locker plugin supports various email service providers including GetResponse, MailChimp, Mad Mimi, MyMail, and Benchmark.


3. Bloom Plugin

Content Locker WordPress Plugins3

Bloom is an email opt-in plugin for WordPress that can help you increase email subscribers list. It comes with a content locker option that hides your site’s content with a set of social icons and displays when a user subscribes to your email.
The plugin lets you increase the number of email subscribers by providing them the user-friendly and intuitive interface to subscriber your email list.
Furthermore, Bloom allows you to target specific post and pages, and opens them in unique forms with unique offers, based on the location and interaction of a visitor.


4. Social Share and Locker Pro WordPress plugins

Content Locker WordPress Plugins4

It is a premium WordPress plugin that can improve your user engagement on social media platforms. An incredible social sharing and content locker plugin that offers ten beautiful social themes, along with impressive flat icons for your WordPress site.
It also ships with a ton of placement options for the social sharing icons. For instance, you can set it in the header, above or below the content, on images, popup, content lock, etc.
Over the top, it offers eight different themes to display the content locking widget in an engaging way.


5. Super Social Content Locker WordPress Plugins

Content Locker WordPress Plugins5

A super social content locker is incredible.  It enforces web visitors to share your content, see your advertisement video, or follow your site. It encourages visitors to participate in promotional activities of your site.
Creating quality content can help users to learn something valuable for free. And they will share your content on their social profiles as well.
The plugin comes with a plenty of options that you can use to place the content locker into your site. It also offers a content locker widget that you can place in the sidebar of your web page.


6. WordPress Content Locker

Content Locker WordPress Plugins6

You can use this plugin to lock your content. Until the user likes or shares your content on the social media websites.
Even, you can determine the action that has to be performed by the user. To ensure that they can read the valuable content on your site. The plugin saves the shared data and extracts whenever you need.
Overall, WordPress Content Locker is also an intuitive WordPress plugin. That offers a ton of exciting features to help you lock your valuable content until a user performs a set of defined actions.



All the Content Locker WordPress Plugins mentioned in this blog post are of good quality and have got excellent remarks from the end users. You can use them if you want to make your blog or site a success. It can help you increase your social traffic and domain authority.

Author Bio: Tracey Jones is a well-known writer and WordPress expert associated with HireWPGeeks Ltd., a top-notch WordPress plugin development company with a global reach. She is also interested in creativity, hiking, technical writing and experimenting with various techniques in web development sphere.

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